Opening Day!

Product Information

Today is opening day for BVTrader.CA!

I am still putting together a lot of website stuff in the background, so please be patient and check back regularly to see what’s been changed and added.

You can register using Facebook or Twitter.  Remember – if you use Facebook or Twitter to register you must use that same service to login to BVTrader.CA in all future sessions.

You may create as many posts for free as you like, once I have verified your account registration.  Categories tell the website where on the website you want your post to appear.  You can select multiple categories for each post and it will show up in all categories.

I will add a shopping cart feature in the near future for those who wish to add one to their post.  Current Paypal fees will apply to all such transactions, and a small fee for my time to create your shopping cart item.  This gives us the ability to accept major credit cards and Paypal payments online.

Have fun, and pass the news about BVTrader.CA!

Dennis Strain
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